H & H Archery Supply's Staff of Archery Experts

“Our sales staff is exceptional. In addition, three of our four salespeople have had real life retail experience. They know exactly what a dealer goes through, especially during the busy season,” stated Mike Hogan. And, their staff looks forward to and is driven to help their dealers.

“Dennis Dalan is a good example of our quality staff and does a great job as our Sales Manager. Dennis is my right hand man. He started in retail in 1986, and really knows sporting goods and archery. He develops our entire catalog, which is well over 200 pages and is a full-color bible for archery retailers. It contains absolutely everything the archery retailer needs. Also, Dennis works with specific vendors, sets up new customers and oversees all sale operations. If a new archery retailer, of any size, needs assistance in developing a profitable archery selection, Dennis provides them the expert advice they need.

“Judy Stinson is our talented Office Manager. Judy keeps everything organized and running smoothly. Dave Wangerin is our Receiving Manager and keeps our expansive warehouse stocked. Jeff Tharalson is responsible of merchandise returns, and works the phones. Branden Dorquast is fantastic with customers on the phones. Every one of our staff is first rate from our admin, order takers, order packers and shipping/receiving staff.”

H&H offers a huge selection and the best archery equipment made available. We have fair prices and are willing to go to great lengths to ship on time and complete the order. We know archery and bowhunting equipment and provide professional expert advice for any retailer to get good information about product and trends. Our personal service is unparalleled. Let our staff help you!